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About us

Nice that you’re here!

Montefiore dell`Aso is located in the Marche region. For years, the brands lived from their shoe factories and therefore had no interest in foreign tourism, they didn’t “need” it. When we want to tell those around us where we live in Italy, we lovingly say: “In the region opposite Tuscany.” The Marche is a beautiful region with its rolling hills, many small castles and its long beaches. We have been living here since 2008 and enjoy the panoramic view every moment, from the Apennines to the starry sky to the Adriatic.

Heike and Rudy got to know and love Apulia on their honeymoon in 2013. The area around Ostuni, although only about 500 km further south, is a completely different region. The earth is red, the beaches are wild little bays, the olive trees are often over 1000 years old. The country is flat, only Ostuni is built on a hill. Ostuni is also called “the white city on the hill”.

One of the reasons why we love Italy so much is the great diversity of nature from north to south. Discover both regions with us… have fun!


* 11.12.1966 Karlsruhe, Germany

“When I was 16, I had my first business card printed, under my name it said: Trying to become an artist in life. After many, many other business cards, under my name it should now read: Yoga teacher, a teacher who forever a student of the art of life. I look forward to seeing you!”


* 18.12.1965 San Donà di Piave, Italy

“A thought comes, I hold it and the house is built. What I think I do, what I feel I do.”


* 07.08.1995 
“Take your dreams, bring them back to your country where you feel at home and help you inspire more people.”


* 07.08.2003

“We are and we are not, because in order to be what we are, we no longer have to be what we were before.”

I grew up in this beautiful place, even if I couldn’t really see it that way at the beginning, and I’ve been working here since 2016. At the same time, it was my retreat after my long journeys, a place to recharge so that I could then move on again, and also to bring something new with me to Yogaitalia.

From 2019 to 2023 I studied interior design in Bologna and therefore worked more in the back office of Yogaitalia and started managing bookings. At the same time, I started part-time training as a personality trainer in order to learn even more about myself, human nature and their desires.

After graduating, I decided to take full responsibility for Yogaitalia-Angeli di Montefiore.

It’s about sharing my love for this beautiful region (the Marchen) with my guests and showing them what I’ve fallen in love with here.

You should feel at home here as much as I do and enjoy it.
We, my loyal helpers and friends, Silvia, Monia, Rita and I are looking forward to seeing you.