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Montefiore dell‘Aso is located in the “Marche”. For many years this region was only concentrated in the shoe production and thus not very interested in foreign tourism. They just did not “need” it. When we have to explain to our friends where we live, we just say “in the region beside Tuscany”.

The Marche is a beautiful region with soft hills, many small villages and long beaches. We live here since 2008 and appreciate every moment its view, from the Apennines through the sky full of stars to the Adriatic Sea.

We first went to Apulia during our honeymoon in 2013 and we love it. The area around the city of Ostuni is so different from the Marche, despite being only 500 km south of it. The soil here is red, the beaches are located in small rocky bays, the olive trees are mostly over 1000 years old. The land is mainly flat, only Ostuni is on a hill. This is why is is also called “the white city on the hill”.

One of the reasons why we love Italy so much is the variety of its nature, from north to south. Discover both regions with us…and have fun!

A Place of Unity Being and Condivision

Angeli di Montefiore is like a big bubble, where the feeling of a true vacation exists: playing kids, worry-free parents, RELAX. With Yoga in the morning, Aperitifs at sunset, BBQ and Pizza Dinners we are like one big family. Excursions to the near mountains or to the beach make your holiday perfect. We look forward to see you! 😎

Meet the angels of Montefiore

A true Paradise in Apulia

When we fell in love with the little round home, called Trullo in Apulia, we decided to buy a beautiful estate with over 100 olive trees and a mini Trullo. Within 2 years Rudy created a little oasis of relaxation. Read a book in the olive grove, enjoy a refreshing swim in the beautiful pool, a treatment as Lomi/Lomi or an oil massage, Yoga. An excursion to the beach or to the nearby town Ostuni make you holiday perfect. Find Your place.

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A hidden Love Nest

Our mini apartment Nido d’Amore is our small jewel right in the old city center of Ostuni. Enjoy the breathtaking view up to the sea from our terrace. From our balcony you feel like being in the middle of a green oasis in the middle of the town. Ideal for a romantic weekend.  Marriage proposals were already made here and a 70 years old couple discovered in our place a new closeness. Let the love energy surprise you.

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The House of the Angels

Already when we first met the broker, I had a special feeling: Rudy proudly showed me the new apartment that he planned to renovate. I was immediately touched by its position because on one hand it is located in the center of the town but on the other hand still reachable by car. And thanks to the 2 rooms with 2 beds each, there is enough space for a family. While I was going to leave the apartment, I was surrounded by a special warmth. I stopped and enjoyed for a moment the total faith to be always accompanied. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I saw the house number 44, the number of the angels!

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